You need professional software development

If this is you, we really should get in touch.

I occasionally become available for consulting/contracting work, and I bring:

  • Over 20 years experience as a professional software developer on frontend and backend technologies.
  • Almost 15 years in the mobile software space — I worked on apps before the first iPhone was released
  • Almost a decade experience as a a native Android app developer.

Clients consistently refer to me as versatile, reliable and extremely easy to work with.


What are the main reasons for having me on your team?

Bring me on to help you with fullstack development in Kotlin and/or Typescript (or other technologies, if I have some time to ramp up in the technology stack first).

I can also build new Android native apps, or improve and maintain existing Android projects.

Along the way I will help you make well-informed tradeoffs between software features, development time, user experience, project scheduling/risks and other factors.

What else will I bring to the table?

I originally come from a background of working in system architecture, web frontend development and enterprise backend development. All that experience enables me to see the big picture and it informs the work I do for you.

I also have foundational skills in project management, UI/UX design work, marketing and product development. While I can do basic work in these fields myself, what you really want is to have me, as a software developer, collaborate with specialists in these disciplines: then we’ll both truly shine.


Don’t take my word for it. This is what past clients, partners and colleagues will tell you:

“Thomas er en drøm å jobbe sammen med.” — Arve Larsen, Miles

“10/10 – Would hire again.” — Lasse Magnussen,

“… a very skilled full stack developer, with a good business understanding. Professionally strong senior resource who also helps and supports the rest of the tech team. Delivered value from day one. If you need a senior developer, I would definitely recommend Thomas.” — Marius Dybdahl, Monio

“[…] one of the most reliable and well-organized developers I’ve ever worked with.” — Christian Johansen, Kodemaker

“[…] delivered more than we expected in less time than estimated […] his sound methods and great people skills made a potentially risky development process smooth and rapid.” — Jo Ring Giske, Mattilsynet

“[…] a man of many talents, and a pleasure to work with. His practical professionalism has helped get difficult projects back on track, and both clients and colleagues have appreciated his focus on options and tradeoffs when prioritizing.” — Marius Mårnes Mathisen, Shortcut

“I have been blessed to have him on several of my projects, where he always helps me be one step ahead and predict future risks. […] I give Thomas my very best recommendations, even though I would like to keep him to myself.” — Ina Tegnander, OneCall

“[…] everything you look for when adding a new team-member. Apart from being a skilled Android developer, he is a great addition to the team in so many ways: self-driven, yet is very considerate to bring relevant team-members into his work, cares for the full product and offers valuable insight to others on multiple areas. Thomas is also just a great guy to be around in the office. Comes highly recommended!” — Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby, Urban Sharing

“[…] a very pleasant developer to work with. He is also well structured, highly trustworthy and provides valuable input on product development in general.” — Alf Thomas Nilsen, Schibsted

“[…] a pleasure to work with […] he has contributed to significant improvements of our app. Thomas is very autonomous and structured in his work. He requires very little follow-up. — Mario Ek Aparicio, Vipps

“[…] showed a very high degree of technical skill, learning ability and a solution oriented attitude. In a very short while he had learned an astounding amount of the inner technical workings of our products, and participated actively in increasing the capacity and quality of our whole value chain.” — Alf Magnus Stålesen, Vipps

“[…] combines important skills of delivering quickly and independently yet knowing when to involve others to clarify solutions and priorities. He is also proactive and constructive in challenging the status quo, proposed solutions and priorities.” — Vidar Holm, Vipps

“Foruten å være en svært kompetent utvikler, har han også en unik måte å forstå hva kundenes behov er. ” — Erfan Zadeh, Shortcut

“[…] an unusually organized, fast and efficient architect and programmer. ” — Thorstein Lunde, Visma Software International

“[…] an excellent developer and consultant that was very much appriciated both by co-workers and clients. […] very reliable and professional as well as willing to help others. Thomas was always very solution oriented to ensure that the projects succeded.” — Kjell Isaksen, Ciber

“[…] a great asset to the team with his calm, friendly and professional manner combined with his broad knowledge and expertise. One of the things I liked best about working with Thomas was his pedagogical ways of explaining complex technical problems. I could always count on Thomas getting the job done.” — Jonas Dalsenius, Sopra Steria

“[…] proff, leveranseorientert og faglig dyktig. Han leverer gode løsninger og bryr seg om brukere og UX. ” — Eivind Throndsen, Schibsted

“[…] one of those developers that take a holistic approach to their profession. Not only does he have the technical knowledge to solve the actual problem at hand, but he also engages at the product and business level of things which in turn brings deeper and sharper knowledge back to the implementation, all while taking complete ownership where needed to see things through.” — Johan Sørensen, Urban Sharing

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